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Storage Trunks and Chests and Their Many Uses There are so many storage trunks and chests nowadays, in which you can store your clothing and other personal items. In the olden times, these were used in place of suitcases for carrying clothing during long trips. Now they are a popular choice for storing a whole range of items. For sheets, blankets, towels and seasonal items, trunks and chests are a common favorite. Things that people treasure for their sentimental value are often stored in storage trunks so they can be protected. Items which attract insects, like those that are made of wool, can be stored in a trunk or chest where they will be safe. Kinds of Storage Trunks and Chests
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Storage trunks and chests are constructed from different materials that match varied tastes as well as needs. Very popular are wooden trunks that have old-fashioned designs. Usually, there’s a round lid, along with deep storage pockets. Several of them use copper as hardware and have a vintage effect. Oak, cherry, pine and oak are four kinds of wood that are popularly used for building trunks. Mahogany may also be used, but the price is expected to be higher. Typically, they would be cedar-lined, the purpose of which is to prevent pests from disturbing the items stored inside.
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Trunks may also be made of metal. Several of them have wheels, making them convenient to move around. There two metals commonly used to create metal trunks: steel and aluminum. Aluminum is obviously lighter and easier to transport, but steel is more durable. Metal trunks are finished in neutral or bright colors. If you can’t find a color that matches your d?cor, you can just buy any trunk and paint it with the shade you like. These trunks are usually used for storage or as coffee or end tables. They are rather strong and barely get dented, so they can serve as beautiful pieces of furniture that could last you several years. Prices Storage trunks are sold for a whole range of prices. Some cost but a hundred dollars, others in the thousands. It mainly depends on the style and size of the trunk. If you’re planning to buy a metal trunk, expect steel to be much more expensive than aluminum. Wooden trunks that come with basic lines are less expensive than those that are designed to look like antiques. Cedar chest prices differ wildly, from just a little more than two hundred dollars to about eight hundred dollars for more intricate styles. Other Things to Consider Avoid buying a trunk that weighs too light. It may appear like an authentic antique, but its quality could be substandard. Check the hardware, ensuring it doesn’t bend. Also don’t buy too cheap wooden trunks, which will probably warp when placed in a humid environment. On the other hand, metal trunks may rust when poorly constructed. Finally, be ready to pay a higher price for better quality.